Dreamforce 2017 – Bigger, Better, Matured and definitely Special

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Dreamforce 2017 is over, and we still can’t get over with the fact that Salesforce didn’t announce any new product lines.

Wait a minute! Is it really true? Well partially yes, but that didn’t stop salesforce from impressing us with specialized products which enhances its current product line big time. We don’t need new products everyday when there is so much to do in the existing products, right?

Let’s take a look at what I heard and absorbed during Dreamforce:

The ‘my’ product lines or the deeper involvement of core salesforce products within an organization instead of the entire ecosystem.

So far Salesforce has been releasing products and features which are made for all customers alike but with these ‘my’ products Salesforce is ensuring that within the Salesforce org the customers can run their own personalized orgs with tremendous benefits.

Let’s quickly look at my personal favorites among these my products:



How cool it will be to have your own personalized learning management system within your organization based on salesforce. With myTrailhead the learning within an organization will be more fun, competitive and of course clearly visible across your organization.



myEinstein takes the AI game to the next level by enabling the generation of AI models within your organization and with your own data. The chat bot service of myEinstein will also help you run smart helpdesks and Sales channels within your organization with reduced costs and higher efficiency.



myLightning gives you control to completely personalize your Salesforce Org like never before. You can change the look and feel, colors of your org with clicks and can even get your visual force pages into the lightning theme with very minimal effort. A huge step from the older lightning development which was really a pain to adopt.



mySalesforce is the game changer and the biggest development in terms of the impact on the ecosystem. In this era of mobility when people are going mobile first or mobile only imagine that you could get your itunes and play store publish ready apps tightly integrated with your Salesforce org in no time. Surprised right? mySalesforce has made that possible and this will greatly benefit organizations who rely heavily on communities and sites for wider collaboration and will enable them to have their branded apps published and accessible publicly in no time.

Einstein Vision API enhancements

Lot’s of investment is going into making Einstein AI platform robust and scalable to different end user applications. Some of the beta features like Object Detection which were announced definitely brings in more value to the platform and Sailfin is an early adopter for this platform right from the beginning – learn more about the Einstein Vision API development from our recent blog .


Only time could tell (or may be Marc) on what is cooking between these two companies but all we can think about is that when these two magical innovators come together something magnificent is bound to happen. Instead of speculating the XYZs let’s wait and watch as this strategic partnership unfolds and take on the world with its joint offerings.

Salesforce Economy

This was a huge point of discussion in every keynote and as an IDC survey rightly said Salesforce ecosystem is expected to grow to USD 859 Billion dollars generating 3.3 Million jobs worldwide. Isn’t that phenomenal?

Take a look at this interesting graphical representation to know more.

Sailfin @ Dreamforce 2017

This Dreamforce was special for Sailfin and me as this time we joined Dreamforce not as a mere spectator but as a Speaker. I presented a theater session on Salesforce Security and Sharing model with some architectural level eye openers for beginners and intermediate level Ohana members.

If you have missed to attend the session while being there or would be interested to go through the session now here is the recording:

As we progress towards higher partnership levels with Salesforce and larger impact on the Salesforce ecosystem one thing that remains constant every year is this great event which is organized by Salesforce with great finesse as always.

Looking forward to see you all ad Dreamforce 2018!