Intelligent Mobile application for queries in Business & Tax Laws

“We believe knowledge of law if made accessible easily would benefit in better decisions and the App launched is among the key steps in this journey.”
Director, Global Alliance Partner

Client : Provides solution in Business & Tax Laws


  • Client wanted to develop an intelligent and intuitive mobile application that engages Seekers and Solvers for solutions in Business & Tax Laws.
  • Provides all regulatory related information in one place – documents, notes, decisions, policies, tax correspondences, submissions and much more
  • Engage with subject matter experts in real time, for second opinions and advice


  • Sailfin developed an Android & iOS App targeted towards Enterprises and individual Professionals to manage their Legal, Tax and other Regulatory roles.
  • Achieve a 360-degree view by reading the concept alongside related Q&A, relevant provisions from the model law and the literature published by the Government agencies till date
Industry: Financial Services
sales Native Mobile App
  • Curated response to all queries in business and tax laws from one platform
  • Improved quality and speed of decision making