Sailfin @Dreamforce 2016 – Key take aways

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Every year Dreamforce comes and goes and leaves the huge footprint on the city of San Francisco and on the people who attend it year over year.

As soon as I came out of the Airport in San Francisco and boarded a cab, the driver asked – Are you here for dreamforce? I smiled and replied yes. And same happened everyday I boarded a cab from my apartment for the dreamforce venue.

Such is the impact of the conference and definitely a great accomplishment for the team behind the success of this mammoth sized event.

Everybody who comes to dreamforce has a huge expectation from the event and have their own agenda to learn, expand horizons, develop relations and overall grow business for their companies. The pressure on them is clearly visible due to the fact that even at 5 PM when most of them have already walked couple of miles without taking any significant break or may be even sitting for entire day they have this great energy to attend those famous dreamforce parties.

There is something for each level at dreamforce and that makes it a really diverse event. You could find some great business leaders meeting their customers and sharing their experiences at the keynotes and at the same time you could find lots of young turks exploring trailhead zone for new tools, features and products.

Like every year this time also Salesforce didn’t fail to surprise everyone with their latest offerings – specially Einstein, Lightning and Commerce cloud from which both Salesforce and its customers have high hopes. Let’s see how things turn out for these offerings once they are publicly available in coming Salesforce releases.

Every customer at dreamforce is looking for partners and partners are looking for new customers and the synergy for the interactions is just great. Sometimes I feel how can we blindly approach a person without knowing him and sell our services but that’s what dreamforce is all about and that’s what everybody is comfortable sharing. Talk on booths, talk to the neighbor sitting next to you on chair, talk to the person standing next to you for those long lunch and registration queues, even talk to the person you walk down with in an escalator. Just talk and you never know how things may turn out positive for both the sides.

Sailfin had a great Dreamforce this year and we look forward to working with some great prospects and partners we have met during these 4 days in near future.

Thanks to all the partners, customers and prospects who have shared their precious time with us and the teams at Sailfin and Salesforce behind the success of this great event.

Looking forward for this great event again next year!