Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Enabler for Effective Go To Market Strategy

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In today’s digital world, the marketers must figure out the best way to engage and retain their customers and for that they require right combination of data, insights and digital content. While dealing with customers, the most important thing in order to have a strong relationship with them is innovative interaction.

Marketing Cloud provide all the tools to manage and build customer journey across all the channels. With Marketing Cloud, vendors are able to put relevant, up-to-date and consistent marketing information to an unlimited number of partner website instantly as well as they are able to send promotional videos, images, product specification or any other marketing information directly to the leads and Value-Added-Re-sellers(VARs).

Marketing Cloud helps the Sales team to a much larger extent by getting qualified leads for them with reduced cost and effort. With much larger pool of leads the conversion rate for the product increases manifold.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides the following features:

  • Journey Builder: Journey Builder allow the marketers to create a flow chart of how the brand will respond to each customer interaction with their product or customer representative. It also helps them to test and monitor every customer interaction with its new Journey Metrics feature. This not only monitors but also prioritizes every step of marketing strategy.
  • Email Marketing: Email Marketing has to be relevant, eye catching and attractive. Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides drag and drop content tools to create emails which makes it easy to capture your customer attention. It also includes features which enables sending millions of emails in few minutes as well as adding new customer communication channels to the brand strategy.
  • Mobile Marketing: It also has a drag and drop tool to create effective mobile messages and MMS. It also has out f box SMS and MMS templates for sending promotional content. After a lead responds to the campaign it has tools to engage the prospect with real time alerts and transactional notifications.
  • Social Media Marketing: With Social Media Marketing, a vendor can know about every conversation happening online about their product, about their competitor’s product and can respond in real time. Social.com helps in creating marketing campaigns that will provide more optimized results from the ad spend.
  • Web Personalization: For promoting any online sales or any special offers, building landing pages, micro-sites is a minute’s work with Marketing Cloud. It also works in gathering real time data like customer’s purchase habits, lifestyle, and then work on those patterns to increase data conversion and order values.
  • Ads: It provides a self-service platform which helps in building highly targeted social media campaigns. Not only this, it divides and test all the features of the build campaign to let the vendor find its ideal audience.