Salesforce Service Cloud Console – An Effective Customer Service Solution

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Service cloud console by Salesforce provides a customer service solution that is designed to offer very effective customer service activities from anywhere.

Service cloud console is a Salesforce application for users who wants to work on multiple records at once or need to find, update and create records quickly. Service cloud provides a tabbed environment for the users to look at different grouping of records in one screen via Primary and Secondary tab.

The tab-based interface makes it easy for the customer service agents to see records and their related items together on one screen, as well as work on multiple items simultaneously.

Service cloud console optimize the agent experience by helping him to manage cases faster.

Service cloud console has a footer which gives access to Live Agent as well as CTI softphone (if licensed). Features offered by Service cloud console

  • It offers keyboard shortcuts which enables users to save time switching between tabs and saving information.
  • It can include the Live Agent (Chat), Softphone (call) and several tabs including the Visualforce pages.
  • It also provides an interaction log which allows agents to quickly create tasks whilst on the phone with customers.
  • It is very easy to plug in custom Visualforce pages within the console and the ability to build custom integrations directly into the console making it very extensible.
  • The refresh of one tab will not impact other open tabs.

Why to use Service Cloud Console

  • It reduces the agent’s response time by displaying customer information with a pop up window that provides all of their relevant information needed to address the Case.
  • It eliminates switching between pages, to access data from different objects.
  • It improves agent productivity by providing more context for the problem at hand.
  • User will see records and their related items as tabs on one screen so that user never loses context or navigate too far from a record.
  • We can easily integrate Live Agent and Soft Phone to Service cloud console.

Service Cloud Console also streamlines the process of customer interaction process by offering the following powerful tools: Live Agent Live Agent is a native Salesforce tool that provides the ability to interactively communicate with your web site users. Salesforce Live Agent was introduced into Salesforce platform in the Spring 12 release.

Live Agent enables real-time, online chat between an organization and its customers, prospects etc.

The chat sessions can be initiated via clicking a button or link on a web page, or via automated invitation based on page access metrics.

The information collected during the chat can then be saved into your Salesforce instance and reported on. Salient Features

  1. User can save the transcript.
  2. User can manage multiple concurrent chats within the console.
  3. User can find and open existing records related to chats.
  4. Create new records based on incoming chats.
  5. Choose records or pages to open as sub tabs of each chat session.
  6. Attach a file to the chat session.
  7. Supervisor tab for monitoring one or more Agent chats.


  • It is very convenient for a customer to resolve a query through chat, avoiding the usual frustrations of calling a support line and waiting for the turn.
  • An expert team can efficiently manage multiple concurrent chats (routed by skill) which can hugely impact on the incoming call volume.
  • The handling cost of a chat session is generally one third of the cost of a phone call resulting in huge cost benefits for the business.

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) CTI enables computers and telephone system to work together for enhanced communications between the two technologies and enables you to leverage computer-processing functions while making, receiving, and managing telephone calls.

CTI applications allow you to perform such tasks as retrieving customer information from a database on the basis of information that caller ID provides. CTI applications can also enable you to use information that an interactive voice response (IVR) system captures, so the call can be routed to the appropriate customer service representative and also the right information can be provided to the individual who is receiving the call. Salient Features

  1. Make calls by dialing a number in the Softphone, choosing a number in an online directory, or clicking a phone number in any contact, lead, activity, or account.
  2. Receive calls.
  3. Quickly view all Salesforce records that are related to the call, such as contacts, cases, or accounts.
  4. Transfer calls.
  5. Attach records to calls.
  6. Generate automatic call logs.
  7. Add phone numbers to call center directories for future use.


  • The Salesforce user interface is able to perform all the interaction management and the customer service.
  • The system computer integration blends intelligently and routes the interaction of the customer service based on skills and availability.
  • It can also allow agents to place, get and transfer the interactions directly in the Salesforce user interface.