Introduction to Sikuli

Sikuli is a scripting language which helps us to automate Software testing of Graphical User Interface(GUI). Sikuli is open source automation testing tool that is developed in java. Using Sikuli Automation tool, we can automate whatever we see on the screen. It basically uses image recognition technology as it helps us to identify and control […]

Automation Testing – Part 1

Hello friends, here I am with a blog on Automation Testing in IT industry. Basically, this blog came to my mind after a question from one of my friend. Now a day there is a lot of buzz about AI in Software testing. Many Big shot companies have started working on the AI fundamentals in […]

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Customizations – Taking a step further

This blog is in continuation to my previous blog “Exploring Salesforce Commerce Cloud” which was about Salesforce Commerce Cloud and explained steps to connect it to eclipse. In this, I’ll explain customer group, campaigns and promotions. As explained earlier, under Merchant Tools on Salesforce commerce cloud sandbox, we can Add a customer, create Customer Groups, […]

Getting started with Marketing Cloud

The Philosophy of providing complete customer satisfaction is marketing. Salesforce lets you achieve it through its family of products clubbed together into a single unit launched as “Marketing Cloud”. Marketing cloud consists of the following key products: Email Studio: It’s an email creation tool that help you quickly build and send emails. Connect with your […]

Exploring Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud is cloud based eCommerce platform where retailers manage and sell products and it offers wide variety of features including Artificial Intelligence based recommendation that I will try to highlight as we progress down the lines. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is one of the eight product clouds that makes Salesforce an Intelligent Customer Success Platform. […]

Exploring the Salesforce Einstein Vision API

Einstein Vision, a set of powerful new APIs that allow and Heroku developers of all skill levels to bring image recognition to CRM and build AI-powered apps fast. Now, everyone can leverage pre-trained image classifiers, or train their own custom classifiers to solve a vast array of image-recognition use cases, empowering end users across […]

Quick steps to create your first Salesforce Lightning App

Salesforce is the trusted cloud when it comes to privacy and we are sure the Lightning will strike here thrice. As Salesforce is expanding, new features and enhancement are added in every release. It’s up to you to stay updated and bucket those features for your company.