Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software to ‚Äúmimic‚ÄĚ the actions a human user would perform.
Emulates human execution of repetitive processes with existing applications
Robots are a virtual workforce controlled by the business operations teams
Robots can be trained by business users via configuration
Sits alongside existing infrastructure, governed and controlled by IT
Robots work with existing IT architecture ‚Äď no complex system integration


Focus on improvements in quality, scalability and resiliency in a cost-effective way.
Higher Quality
img Human errors eliminated.
Improved compliance and audit.
Higher staff satisfaction.
img Capacity increase by robotics virtual workforce and refocus of staff on customer service.
Productivity Boost
img Reduction in average handling time.
img Monitoring round the clock.
Cost Saver
img Processing costs reduced.
img Payback in up to 3 months.
Implementation Speed
img Faster implementation of new processes.
img Re-usable process elements.

RPA Journey

Step 1

Discovery Workshop

In weeks 1 and 2, a Discovery Workshop is held as a starting point to define the scope of the processes and their maturity

Step 2

Robotic Process Automation Pilot

In weeks 3 to 6, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) pilot is performed on a few selected processes

Step 3

Factory Solution

During the next phase, we build out a ‚Äėfactory‚Äô solution, covering approximately 30 processes and using an established factory model. This model can be used as a basis for the center of excellence in the longer term.

Step 4

RPA Center of Excellence

In the long term, establish an RPA Center of Excellence to allow all areas of the company to automate their individual processes

Our Methodology

RPA Strategy


RPA proof of value for selected opportunities


RPA Business Case Development


RPA production rollout (People, Process, Technology)


RPA Centre of Excellence


RPA Managed Service

We deeply understand the RPA ecosystem

Industry Leading Platforms

Emerging Players

Open Source / Niche Technology