Understanding Salesforce – Service Cloud Einstein

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Over the course of time, Salesforce has amazed us with its capabilities and to what length an idea like SALESFORCE can evolve to become one of the worlds #1 CRM solution. Be it Process builder, Visual flows, Lightning etc., Salesforce has managed to keep its customers happy and its developers stay away from code as much as possible.

Not a long ago, Salesforce acquired MetaMind, a start-up specialized in AI and with that acquisition, Salesforce launched Einstein, a product based on AI. Along with the other tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Google etc. Salesforce is now in the league of top 10 companies investing in AI technology and from world’s #1 CRM solution has turned into world’s smartest CRM.

Be it Sales cloud, Service cloud, Marketing cloud, IoT, etc., you name it, and there is at least one feature from Salesforce Einstein that makes it much more efficient, accurate, which means a lot less work for the admin and developers, and a better customer experience.

With Service cloud Einstein, organizations will be able to:

  • Categorization of cases with more accuracy which will result in less response time. If a certain product has a known defect, those cases can be automatically sent to the agents with the instructions on how to address the issue, thus boosting productivity and efficiency.
  • With the use of case context and history, salesforce will recommend the agents a possible solution to the case, and thus resulting in a fast response and making the agents to focus on fewer cases, again increasing the productivity and efficiency.
  • It also helps route the right skilled agent to the right interaction at the right time, making the customer get the best possible solution on their first interaction.
  • Service Cloud Einstein also helps your support agents route, escalate, prioritize issues by predicting the time needed to resolve an issue.
  • Einstein supervisor feature enables supervisors to take smarter actions by empowering managers with real time data, agent availability, queues and wait time.
  • Einstein supervisor can also predict customer satisfaction and can make specific recommendations to improve customer experience.
  • Service Einstein also provides mobile employees with a connected service mobile application (available for both Android and Apple), which optimizes scheduling, routing, provides real time access to complete CRM and even has offline capabilities, so that they can deliver personalized and exceptional service everywhere.

These things will help service organizations to have a more smart and intelligent process, and since we are using machine learning, Einstein will get smarter over time, and this is just one part of it. And best of all – It’s just the beginning. There is so much more to come.