Process Lifecycle Management for business process automation

‚ÄúThe new system now provides clear idea of business performance in different regions.‚ÄĚ
Vice President, Operations

Client : A global travel company


  • Client was using an old business process and technology for their core business
  • Inefficiencies in the work-load assignment
  • Huge lead-time in financial reporting and generating
  • business performance reports
  • Payment follow-ups were not efficient


  • Sailfin implemented Salesforce-based product: Process Lifecycle Manager to easily assign work and track output
  • Automation built to send email reminders and escalations
  • Provided option of Invoice quality check and generate reports on invoice processing time
  • Also built automation around Turn Around Time (TAT) to measure productivity
Industry: Travel & Tourism
sales Sales Cloud
services Service Cloud


improvement in work- assignment


improvement in invoice- processing