Salesforce Communities – Drive More Sales and Deliver World Class Service

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Salesforce provides Communities which is an online platform that helps in establishing rich collaboration between employees, customers, partners, suppliers and distributors. It is the best platform to share experiences and views on a product. Salesforce allows organisations to create communities according to their needs. They can create either public or private communities and connect diverse members directly with each other with relevant content, data and business processes to ensure success.

Salesforce offers two flavors of Communities: Customer Community and Partner Community. Customer Community Salesforce provides Customer Communities which is an online platform where community members can collaborate with each another and get in touch with the service organization to resolve issues instantly. With a customized branding, collaboration platform and Mobile ready features it’s more than what a customer could ask for. Partner Community As the name suggests Partner Communities is the right platform to bring in all the Sales or Service partners to a common platform. Sales organizations would definitely understand the value it brings to the organizational sales process. Now you can collaborate, share feedback, jointly lead Sales campaigns, learn from each other’s experiences and much more from the cost effective portal without logging into the core Salesforce org. Key Features Business Process Integration: With the help of Salesforce Communities, members can provide solutions on various cases, they can support opportunities or campaigns from the community without logging into the core Salesforce org. Social Collaboration: Communities offers social collaboration by which all members can share their views on any product, interact with each other and find valuable suggestions from other members if they are facing any problem. Mobility: Salesforce communities are device independent so members can access communities from any mobile device. The mobile experience combines an elegant, easy-to-use interface with powerful Salesforce functionality. Social Intelligence: With the help of social intelligence relevant resources are made available to each and every member by analyzing their demographics on the fly. Security & Scalability: It’s a secured authenticated environment protected by the trusted security protocols of Salesforce.com. Your information and data is always secured with Salesforce. Also, communities are designed to be on big scale so no matter how many members your customer or partner community may have you will always get the optimized user experience. So how does Salesforce Communities help your customers in getting solutions to their problems? Customer communities help your customers to become more successful with your products. These communities are customer centric and are made to help customers by providing a highly collaborative, mobile and branded user experience ever for the largest groups.

Customer Communities provides a rich platform where all customer’s can freely collaborate with each other and they can share their experiences for a product.

With the help of customer Communities a customer can share his problem with other customers and other customers can help him/her by suggesting relevant solutions based on their experience.

This helps in reducing the number of cases logged for the service organizations to attend thus improving the overall efficiency. If your issue is still unresolved you can always reach out to the community leaders who are employees of the service organization and resolve your issues faster than ever. Pricing of Communities: Salesforce communities offers both membership-based and login-based pricing models.These models helps in determining cost based on community size. To know more about the pricing models please visit: http://www.salesforce.com/communities/pricing/ Salesforce Community Cloud reimagines every business touch point, connecting your business data with the power of social in a single experience. Community Cloud lets you rapidly deploy best-in-class solution with all the benefits of the most trusted cloud computing platform in the marketplace.